Friday, June 8, 2012

Mams66 Update!

Hey Guys Mams66 Here! Now Ive Had Little Time To Work On The Cheats, Blog, App, & YouTube Channel. I apologize for not being able to update this frequently. Im going to make a quick update!

Our App can be found in the Android Market (Google Play Store) its Completely FREE! If youre
interested, simply search: PokeDroid Emerald Cheats

Our YouTube Channel has tutorials on how to input certain codes, ex: shiny pokemon, +5000 xp, wild pokemon generator, etc. Our channel also has booster pack openings, fake card DESTRUCTIONS
and SOO much more! Simply CLICK HERE to go to our channel.

I will try to post a new set of requested codes but if you dont want to wait you can look for them HERE
I ONLY vouch for the codes in the section AR-2.2 
I havent tried the rest so I cant guarantee what they do or how they work.

So until next time, mams66 Out!