Thursday, August 2, 2012

NEW Pokemon Emerald Cheats!

New Pokemon Emerald Cheats For GameBoid Emulator on Android Phones!

To learn how to use these codes please refer to this video: 

Here is a list of EACH code and what it corresponds too:

Make sure you put a 0 before all double digits and 00 before single digits.
Replace the Three X's with your variable choice. 
Use this code, 82005274 0xxx 

They are about 4000 
It replaces the top item at any mart.

1-9 is different poke balls 
10 is defrost 
11 is awakens 
12 is heal paralyzation 
13 is full restore 
14 is max potion 
15 is hyper potion 
16 is super potion 
17 is full heal 
18 is revive 
19 is max revive 
20 is heal powder 
21 is revival herb 
22 is ether 
23 is max ether 
24 is elixir 
25 is max elixir 
26 is Lava cookie 
27 is blue flute 
28 is yellow flute 
29 is red flute 
30 is red shard 
31 is blue shard 
32 is yellow shard 
33 is green shard 
34-39 are nothing. Displayed as ???????. Can be used as a hold item, good to use with a Pokemon who knows Trick 
40 is protein 
41 is iron 
42 is carbos 
43 is calcium 
44 is RARE CANDY!! 
45 is raise max pp 
46 is zinc 
47 pp max 
48 is nothing displayed as ??????? 
49 is guard spec. 
50 is a poke doll 
51 is a fluffy tail 
52 is nothing 
53 is super repel 
54 is max repel 
55 is escape rope 
56 is repel 
57 is nothing 
58 is nothing 
59 is nothing 
60 is thunderstone 
61 is Water stone
62 is leaf stone 
63-66 is nothing 
67 is tiny mushroom 
68 is big mushroom 
69-78 are nothing 
79 is orange mail 
80 is shadow mail 
81 is tropic mail 
82 is dream mail 
83 is fab mail 
84 is retro mail 
85 is Cheri berry 
86 is chesto berry 
87 is pecha berry 
88 is rawst berry 
89 is aspear berry 
90 is wiki berry 
91 is mago berry 
92 is aguav berry 
93 is ipapa berry 
94 is razz berry 
95 is bulk berry 
96 is nanab berry 
97 is wepear berry 
98 is pinap berry 
99 is pomeg berry 
100 is pink scarf 
101 is green scarf 
102 is yellow scarf 
103 is Mach bike 
104 is coin case 
105 is item finder 
106 is old rod 
107 is good rod 
108 is super rod 
109 is s.s. ticket 
110 is acro bike 
111 is poke block case 
112 is letter 
113 is eon ticket 
114 is red orb 
115 is blue orb 
116 is scanner 
117 is go goggles 
118 is meteorite 
119 is rm. 1 key 
120 is devon scope 
121 is TM01
122 is TM02
123 is TM03
124 is TM04
125 is TM05
126 is TM06
127 is TM07
128 is TM08
129 is TM09
130 is TM10
131 is TM11
132 is TM12
133 is TM13
134 is TM14
135 is TM15
136 is TM16
137 is TM17
138 is TM18
139 is TM19
140 is TM20
141 is TM21
142 is TM22
143 is TM23
144 is TM24
145 is TM25
146 is TM26
147 is TM27
148 is TM28
149 is TM29
150 is TM30
151 is TM31
152 is TM50 
153 is HM01
154 is HM02
155 is HM03
156 is HM04
157 is HM05
158 is HM06
159 is HM07
160 is voucher
161 is gold teeth
162 is old amber
163 is card key
164 is lift key
165 is helix fossil
166 is dome fossil
167 is silph scope
168 is bicycle
169 is town map
170 is rainbow pass
171 is tea
172 is mystic ticket
173 is aurora ticket
174 is powder jar
175 is ruby
176 is sapphire
177 is magma emblem
178 is old sea map .


    pretty much everythng you need is here. Ive been using the codes here and everything was successful. I also discovered the infinite money code

    1. Can you tell us the code for money

    2. Do Yall still need the money code ???

    3. FINALLY one tht works i have been searching for ever!!!!!!!

    4. I notice how much no one posted the money code yet i enabled the rare candy code at the beginning if my game but with not enough funds

    5. Money code:
      D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
      A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
      A57E2EDE A5AFF3E4
      1C7B3231 B494738C
      C051CCF6 975E8DA1

  2. Is there a master code for this because i entered it for masterballs but it doesnt seem to work help plssss

    1. Need help with master che as doesn't work what you do

    2. U have to go in a poke center and go into ur pc that says ur name then with draw them

  3. Never mind i figured it out is there a code for money i just started emerald and need a couple tm's for my charmander and larvitar

    1. What figure out its not working for me...

    2. What i did was load the game and as soon as you walk in the pokemart the screen goes black for about a second and thats when i turn the cheat for which ever item i want on and the first item on the list should be which ever code you enterd

    3. Having the same issue but loading at black screen before entering the store did not help still dose nothing with and without the master code on

    4. Can someone help me with the cheats for ruby and leaf green

    5. Codes for pokemon would be awsome

  4. I'd love to see electrike and numel. Thanks!

  5. Can u do the code for nidoran girl and boy mewtwo the 3legendary dogs alakasm moonstone and electabuzz please and sun stone if possible

  6. Do u have a code that can get all pokemon if u do please send me as message at it will help alot thank

  7. Can anyone tell me the money code !?

  8. hey I have emerald Computer version I
    Want a code to get rainbow pass and
    Other . In leaf green I want code to get
    8 9 10 pass please post it I request you

  9. do u have a alakazam cheat code?

  10. Right in the middle of a battle game froze. i saved just before attacking and now im just stuck. any advice?

  11. Hi.... I need the code for Dratini.... Please help me.... Where can I find it???

  12. Is there any codes for the rest of tm's that are not included in that list of codes?

  13. I need tm40(aerial ace) for my ninjask please help. Thanks :D

    1. 82005274 0148

      aerial it helps

  14. Can make raikou entei suicune groudon kyogre?

  15. Can make emerald code for me dude?

  16. Can I get the money code man

  17. Anyone have codes for the my boy emulator


  18. Hey man i need a code for unlimited rare candies or unlimited money

    1. Mony cheat gives u ?999999 mony emerald hope it help
      83005E18 270F

    2. Heres one for lvl 20pk

      Dont know master code thow
      1B27B58A EF682005
      4EA4F03D 83971E7F

  19. Are there going to be any new codes put up for the my boy emulator? It's kinda boring with 6 codes

  20. I use the My boy emulator. Could you give me cheats for catching all pokemon? Also,I bought the eon and mystic tickets,but i can't use them to get to the islands. PLEASE HELP!!

  21. I use my boy emulator. Could u give me the cheat for the wild pokemon modifier for kingdra

  22. Replies
    1. infinite money - no need mastercode
      c051ccf6 975e8da1

    2. You have to put it in as a Game Shark Code

  23. Cool blog! Come check out my Pokemon blog for some cool tricks to help you out in Pokemon!

  24. Can u list all the Tms please? That would me a good help

  25. I tried all kinds of different codes possible and very few actually work, but now i have, all starter pokemon, every single legendary pokemon, and ive done a few other cheats for different pokemon like gengar, tyranitar, golem, etc... but if i can help ill be glad to, i havr Myboy (:

    1. for some reason, nothing seems to be working in myboy! for me. is there anything specific i need to do other than type in the cheats? someone somewhere said something about ingame locaton, does that matter?

    2. well do you have the free myboy! or?…

    3. I got myboy free and they work for me

  26. It's not working for me it says code is invalid

  27. The codes of the TM's are not accurate. And allot of them are missing. For example earthquake is TM26 but u'll get something else.


      try this...on section nine


    go to this website ^
    on section 9 buy any item...all of it works

  29. I need the code for ruby can u help me I'm trying to get all the pokeballs

  30. Do i have to buy the full version in order to use he cheats ?

  31. Replies
    1. Get rare candies cheat and then use it over and over til youre lvl 99

    2. The code for rare candies worked for..but when I decided to used the said candies it doesnt show any effects on my the way Im using Gameboid...can you help me please

  32. Is there a my boy cheat for a compleated pokedex

  33. I need a complete pokedex cheat please. Email it to me if there is one. please and thanks you.


    Solves most problems if not on here

  35. I was wondering if anyone has all one lined cheats including instant teleportation to the 2nd city for emerald my boy emulator ?

  36. Are these cheats for gameshark or code breaker?

  37. I tried all ticket cheats and none of them is working ive been looking around on youtube for help and i follow exactly like they do but still i cant get to the islands im using the myboy emu (free) do i have to buy the full version to make this work please help

    1. How do you use the eon ticket and the other tickets I have them in my backpack but can't use them at a dock thing place please help

  38. I have the rainbow pass,old sea map, eon ticket and everything but why doesnt the lady in the ferry let me go im the ferry,its not even in any of the options pl help

    1. Im having the same problem

  39. I need the codes to catch all kanto jhoto and hoenn pokemon.

  40. I need the codes to catch all kanto jhoto and hoenn pokemon.

  41. What is the battle point cheats code, please help.

  42. Money code

  43. i need earthquake(TM26)for my metagross
    who knows the cheat pls tell me

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  45. Can someone give me the cheat of TM42(Secret power) plzzzz

  46. I need the code for infinite battle points and the one to catch torchic and mudkip oh and how to use the tickets please email me asap at

  47. Does anybody know the walk through walls code for my boy emulator?

  48. Does someone know the code for entei raikou and suicune

  49. What is the cheat of super rod please

  50. Can you tell me how to get to birth island plsss

  51. Thats not the correct codes for the TMs. And what is the code for the EXP. Share?

  52. For infinite money... get tons of rare candy and go sell it all and keep do it now you have a money farm XD

  53. What is fly and flamethrower code.....

  54. I still cant get my rainbow pass and the other passes birth, faraway, south to work i manage to get them but cant get them to work and i have two bad eggsNeed some help the lady wont only acknowledge my other passes except frontier

  55. Is there a code to get passed marige tower

  56. Will those cheat code work for pokemon victory fire?

  57. Download Pokemon - Emerald - Hack (all pokemons) GBA ROM+SAVE+CHEAT:

  58. Rare candy cheat code and then to tame mew

  59. Pleasr find codes for battle point items! Its a pain to get them 😂